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Extending the time of coherent optical response in ensemble of singly-charged InGaAs quantum dots

10 junio in Artículos por Website

Coherent optical response in (In,Ga)As QDsWe study n-doped (In,Ga)As quantum dots structures embedded into the microcavity with GaAs/AlAs distributed Bragg reflectors (for details see the “Methods” section). The QD emission is represented by the photoluminescence (PL) spectrum in Fig. 1a which was measured from the...

Dynamics of collective modes in an unconventional charge density wave system BaNi2As2

09 junio in Artículos por Website

We studied the T- and F-dependence of the photoinduced near-infrared reflectivity dynamics in undoped BaNi2As2 using an optical pump-probe technique. The single crystals were cleaved along the a-b plane with the pump and the probe beams at near-normal incidence (they were cross-polarized for higher...