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Discrimination reveals reconstructability of multiplex networks from partial observations

11:31 27 junio in Artículos por Website

Framework for reconstructing multiplex layer structuresWe will first introduce the notations by denoting the adjacency matrix of layer α in a multiplex network M by Mα (α = 1, 2, ⋯  , L), and \({M}_{ij}^{\alpha }=1\) if there is an edge between nodes i, j in layer α and vice versa...

The contribution of Galactic TeV pulsar wind nebulae to Fermi large area telescope diffuse emission

11:31 25 junio in Artículos por Website

Pulsar wind nebulae are expected to contribute to γ observations both in the GeV and TeV energy domains. We indicate with ΦGeV (ΦTeV) the integrated source flux in the energy range 1–100 GeV (1–100 TeV) probed by Fermi-LAT (H.E.S.S.). We assume that all the sources in...