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Engineering nonlinear optical phenomena by arbitrarily manipulating the phase relationships among the relevant optical fields

11:31 09 julio in Artículos por Website

Phase-engineered Raman-resonant four-wave-mixing processFirst, we describe the theoretical framework by which the high-order Rr-FWM process can be engineered by implementing the relative phase manipulations during its evolution. Figure 1d, e represents a Rr-FWM process. In this process, a high-Raman coherence, \({\rho }_{{ab}}\), is adiabatically driven...

Floquet topological superconductivity induced by chiral many-body interaction

11:31 05 julio in Artículos por Website

Low-energy effective HamiltonianWe take in the present study the hole-doped Mott insulator on a square lattice, which is irradiated by an intense circularly-polarised light (CPL). This can be minimally modelled by the repulsive Hubbard model, with a Hamiltonian$$\hat{H}(t)=-\mathop{\sum}\limits_{ij\sigma }{t}_{ij}{e}^{-i{{{{{{{\boldsymbol{A}}}}}}}}(t)\cdot {{{{{{{{\boldsymbol{R}}}}}}}}}_{ij}}{\hat{c}}_{i\sigma }^{{{{\dagger}}} }{\hat{c}}_{j\sigma }+\frac{U}{2}\mathop{\sum}\limits_{i}{\hat{n}}_{i}({\hat{n}}_{i}-1),$$ ...