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Tracking carrier and exciton dynamics in mixed-cation lead mixed-halide perovskite thin films

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Steady-state absorption spectraThe steady-state absorbance spectra (Fig. 1a) exhibit an absorption onset at ~1.6 eV and a monotonic increase with photon energy. These features agree with reports on the same compound24 and their relatives (MAPbI3)25. Yang et al. employed a detailed model, based on Elliot’s theory26, to...

Deployed measurement-device independent quantum key distribution and Bell-state measurements coexisting with standard internet data and networking equipment

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The MDI-QKD protocolIn the MDI-QKD protocol, the two end nodes (Alice and Bob) are functionally identical: they randomly choose a string of qubit states, each being one of the four BB84 states (\(\left|0\right\rangle\), \(\left|1\right\rangle\) in the Z-basis and \(\left|\pm \right\rangle =(\left|0\right\rangle \pm \left|1\right\rangle )/\sqrt{2}\)...

Metastable ferroelectricity driven by depolarization fields in ultrathin Hf0.5Zr0.5O2

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We first present the scaling trends of HZO capacitors and the main switching characteristics of the thinnest (5 nm) ferroelectric HZO obtained. Thickness scaling and proper choice of electrode materials are both important for operation of single layer FTJ. Semiconductor bottom electrodes such as Ge...

Observation of bulk-edge correspondence in topological pumping based on a tunable electric circuit

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Electric LC resonators to emulate the Harper-Hofstadter-Hatsugai modelThe features of two-dimensional electrons on a square lattice in a magnetic field with NN (ta and tb in x- and y-directions, respectively) and NNN (tc’) hoppings, called the Harper-Hofstadter-Hatsugai (HHH) model25,34, can be implemented as a...