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Whirling interlayer fields as a source of stable topological order in moiré CrI3

11:31 29 julio in Artículos por Website

Spin HamiltoniansWe adopt a generic Hamiltonian for twisted \({Cr}{I}_{3}\) bilayers including exchange, DM, and Kitaev interactions,$${{{{{\mathscr{H}}}}}}= -J\mathop{\sum}\limits_{l,i,j}{{{{{{\bf{S}}}}}}}_{{li}}.{{{{{{\bf{S}}}}}}}_{{lj}}{{{{{\mathscr{-}}}}}}{{{{{\mathscr{A}}}}}}\mathop{\sum}\limits_{l,i}{\left({{{{{{\bf{S}}}}}}}_{{li}}.\hat{{{{{{\bf{z}}}}}}}\right)}^{2}+D\mathop{\sum}\limits_{l,m,n}{\hat{{{{{{\bf{D}}}}}}}}_{{mn}}.{{{{{{\bf{S}}}}}}}_{{lm}}\times {{{{{{\bf{S}}}}}}}_{{ln}} \\ +d\mathop{\sum}\limits_{l,m,n}{\hat{{{{{{\bf{d}}}}}}}}_{{ij}}.{{{{{{\bf{S}}}}}}}_{{li}}\times {{{{{{\bf{S}}}}}}}_{{lj}}-\mathop{\sum}\limits_{i,j}{J}_{\perp }({{{{{{\bf{r}}}}}}}_{{ij}}){{{{{{\bf{S}}}}}}}_{2i}.{{{{{{\bf{S}}}}}}}_{1j}-\mathop{\sum}\limits_{l,i}{{{{{\bf{B}}}}}}.{{{{{{\bf{S}}}}}}}_{{li}} \\ -\mathop{\sum}\limits_{l}\mathop{\sum}\limits_{\left\langle i,j\right\rangle \in \lambda \mu \left(\nu \right)}\left[K{S}_{i}^{\nu }{S}_{j}^{\nu }+\varGamma \left({S}_{i}^{\lambda }{S}_{j}^{\mu }+{S}_{i}^{\mu }{S}_{j}^{\lambda }\right)\right]$$ ...

Ghost-imaging-enhanced noninvasive spectral characterization of stochastic x-ray free-electron-laser pulses

11:31 27 julio in Artículos por Website

Spectral ghost imagingGhost imaging is an experimental technique, which uses statistical fluctuations of an incident beam to extract information about an object using a beam replica that has not physically interacted with the object34. It can be used in the spatial35,36,37, temporal18, and spectral21,22...

Topological surface superconductivity in FeSe0.45Te0.55

11:31 25 julio in Artículos por Website

Theoretical modelOur starting point for the investigation of topological superconductivity on the surface of FeSe0.45Te0.55 is the experimental observation that superconductivity in the iron-based superconductors emerges form the pairing of electrons in the α-, β-, and γ-bands33. ARPES experiments on the parent compound FeSe have...

Quantum operations with indefinite time direction

11:31 23 julio in Artículos por Website

Characterisation of the input-output inversions of bistochastic channelsThe foundation of our framework is the characterisation of the bidirectional quantum devices. The logic of our argument is the following: first, we observe that the input-output inversion must be linear in its argument (Supplementary Note 5). Hence,...