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Computation of eigenfrequency sensitivities using Riesz projections for efficient optimization of nanophotonic resonators

11:31 10 agosto in Artículos por Website

Theoretical background and numerical realizationWe start with an introduction of the theoretical background on resonance phenomena occurring in nanophotonics. Based on this, Riesz projections for computing eigenfrequency sensitivities and an efficient approach for its numerical realization are presented.Resonances in nanophotonicsIn nanophotonics, in the steady-state...

Variational quantum eigensolver techniques for simulating carbon monoxide oxidation

11:31 08 agosto in Artículos por Website

Batched ADAPT-VQEThe ADAPT-VQE is a greedy iterative approach for building an efficient compact ansatz for approximating the molecular wavefunction27. In the original implementation of ADAPT-VQE27, a single operator with the largest gradient is added at each iteration. Such a construction of the ansatz is...

Topological flat bands in a kagome lattice multiorbital system

11:31 06 agosto in Artículos por Website

Theoretical modelTo begin with, we set up a multi-orbital tight-binding model on a kagome lattice$${H}_{{{{{{{{\rm{t}}}}}}}}}=-\mathop{\sum}\limits_{\left\langle {{{{{{{\bf{r}}}}}}}}\,{{{{{{{{\bf{r}}}}}}}}}^{\prime}\right\rangle }\mathop{\sum}\limits_{\alpha \beta \sigma }\left({t}_{{{{{{{{\bf{r}}}}}}}}\,{{{{{{{{\bf{r}}}}}}}}}^{\prime}}^{\alpha \beta }{c}_{{{{{{{{\bf{r}}}}}}}}\alpha \sigma }^{{{{\dagger}}} }{c}_{{{{{{{{{\bf{r}}}}}}}}}^{\prime}\beta \sigma }+{{{{{{{\rm{H.c.}}}}}}}}\right),$$ ...